by Nathalie E. Amazan

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Still is an intimate poetry collection that explores themes of spirituality, liberation, and resilience. It is a manifesto for perseverance through personal and societal adversities for the pursuit of peace. As such, this body of work is not only a declaration of faith in the attainment of peace, but also a means for others to find inspiration and empowerment within it for their own life journeys. While in peace we embrace stillness and for peace, we embrace it the same. May Still lead you to the stillness within for the benefit of ourselves and this world.

Struggle in the present for the world we wish to live in


3/16 7:00 PM Starr Bar* Brooklyn, NY

3/23 5:30 PM Bluestocking Bookstore* Manhattan, NY

3/26 3:00 PM QED* Queens, NY

3/30 6:00 PM Wheaton College Norton, MA

5/7 1:00 PM Walt Whitman Birthplace Huntington, NY