When We Get There

Question everything 

Struggle in the present for the world we wish to live in

accept tragedy as inevitable

like laughter of healing 

pain is unavoidable

truth is coming at roots

lifting liberation from twisted tongues 

forcing mother out for colonizers’ boots to drag into our homes

us out onto ships of wet bones,

cold trails,


one in the same;

they were not invited

but we are a hospitable people who

embody the teachings of Jesus (pbuh) better than any church on stolen land could ever even begin to think of what it could mean to love a neighbor without exception,

we clean feet of our guests

empty cabinets for their sustenance 

we understand life is sacred

we exist in community 

with the inalienable rights of air, water, land, and the heavens;

know where you come from,

who you come from?

know the emotions that color your veins 

blending yesterday into today where 

past is future is past and present and forever is non-linear

don’t be discouraged if the peculiarities of tomorrow signify regression 

we are more than our present circumstances,

freedom without imagination is emptier than good without love 

freedom without freedom is too often the cause of destruction 

If you’re not writing for freedom,

What are you doing then? 

free your soul

free the world

siege on Gaza dripping blood in the sea 

blowing secondhand ash into the river

have you heard the tear-gassed screams coming out of Falesteen 

can’t breathe!

not enough ventilators for the children growing up in open air prisons 

plantations of legal exploitation

history doesn’t repeat

just keeps going on till we do something different 

What does it mean to no longer feel state violence?

What is a state?

Who owns violence?

What is my body if I cannot identify it?

Who am I really besides a kid too scared to sleep so never fails my dreams of reaching peace of the holy land of revolution where we can be whatever we wanna be without being scared to sleep without 

working lungs out dry,

worry about blood pressure getting too high or 

how to survive the next day’s rent or 


where Michael’s still living 

Ahmed is married

Trayvon’s flying on the moon with an airplane and 

Sandra is President;

where return to land of who we come from is an expectation

where trauma no longer carries the magnitude of air inescapable as breath 

where I do not cry writing a poem I don’t know if I can see the future of

I’m young and


so how can I be a pessimist?

Baldwin, take the wheel

take my hand, 

guide me towards the land of the holiest revolution

of love liberated from suffering 

suffocated by human beings scared of their death so they made us to hate and divide 

trying to conquer life is impossible 

didn’t they know

spirit never dies

trying to conquer life is impossible 

didn’t you know

spirit never dies

don’t we know spirit never dies

we got centuries of warriors living 

when we look into our eyes 

ain’t starting from scratch

got foundations of tradition 




empathy as community ethic

past is future is past and present and forever is non-linear 

don’t you remember?

spirit never dies 

spirit never dies 

spirit never dies 

don’t you forget 

when we get there.